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Change is hard.
Many of us are struggling, don't know where to start
and are feeling discouraged and/or stuck when it comes to our health and well-being. Helping you achieve sustained and desired health and well-being goals is
what we at arc health coaching do best! 
Online counselling

ARC Coaching Process:
A Step by Step Guide

  1. We will discuss a coaching contract in order for you to gain a better understanding of the coaching process and set expectations from me as your coach as well as from you as the client.

  2. Before the 1st coaching session you will fill out the “Welcome Packet” and “Discovering Your Why Worksheet.” This way I am well informed ahead of time on your priorities, key concerns and any medical conditions that may impact your experience as we move forward.  Increasing self-awareness is an important goal of coaching and these assessments and any other assessments given are an efficient tool to support self-discovery from the very beginning.

  3. During the 1st coaching session we will partner to work you toward creating a vision, a 3 month plan and goals to move toward your vision. During this process you will confirm that you are ready and want to do the work to make changes in at least one area. This is also known as a wellness vision process.

  4. Each session will involve setting and committing to small steps or experiments each week to enable progress towards the goals and vision. We will also explore a key topic in order to allow you to navigate potential challenges and affirm what’s going well and why.

  5. Each subsequent coaching session (weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed) we will review progress, elevate energy, brainstorm strategies, meet challenges, develop solutions, generate possibilities and agree on goals for the following week(s). And always- WE WILL CELEBRATE YOU!

   *Length of initial sessions will be 30-45 minutes (maybe 60) with 20-30 minute            follow-up sessions or 10 minute check-ins.


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