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Lifestyle counseling
Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change.


Megan Day, NBC-HWC is a health and wellness professional of over 20 years and the Founder of ARC Health Coaching. Grounded in her undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in Health Promotion and Education (emphasis areas in community health and exercise science), she has committed to lifelong learning and always seeks to provide supportive, non-judgmental, people-centered relationships. She believes leading with empathy and curiosity is the core of helping others drive desired change. Megan lives enthusiastically and fueled with passion and purpose knowing she supports the health, wellness, and positive lifestyle choices of those she serves. 

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Our Mission

To help inspire long-lasting Actionable, Realistic Change in others that is directly connected to each individual’s interests, values and overall vision of themselves.

Change is hard. Many of us are struggling, don't know where to start and are feeling discouraged and/or stuck. Achieving sustained and desired health and well-being goals is WHOLLY connected to one’s personal vision of themselves.

Helping connect the dots between where you are and where you ultimately envision yourself AND designing a plan that sticks- is our specialty! 

We vow to engage the minds and hearts of you, our client, by assisting you in discovering your strengths, clarifying your values, increasing awareness, setting your priorities, meeting your challenges and designing positive realistic actions.

Our clients will become competent, in-control, full of joy, self-determined, passionate, aligned in their values, humans who are confident to get up everyday, actively living and doing their best to be the best version of themselves!

That life is about thriving and not surviving. That tough love is sometimes too tough. Creating collaborative, safe spaces for forming a strong partnership with our clients is of the utmost importance. We will never judge. Coaching with compassion and empathy is imperative for you, our client, to find intrinsic motivation and a desire to change and it is just as important as you finding self-compassion and self-love.

We Love

When coaching conversations and sessions spark curiosity, self-discovery, joy, gratitude and celebration for the sustained, desired change each client is aiming for.


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